The deepest pool: Y-40 Deep Joy

The deepest pool on the planet has dimensions of 21 by 18 meters, and its depth reaches forty-two meters, which is an absolute record that was officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records. The pool contains 4,300 cubic meters of water, the temperature of which is constantly maintained at 22-24 degrees Celsius.
The pool is located in the small Italian municipality of Montegrotto Terme in the local four-star hotel Terme Millepini. The hotel owners themselves call this pool "the best in the world", and by the way, it was created with such a purpose. Once the construction has been completed and the cabins have been removed, the pool is never empty.
 The pool, called Y-40 Deep Joy, is today one of the highlights of the municipality of Montegrotto Terme, which is located near Venice. In this pool you do not just swim, but dive to great depths. Interestingly, the depth of the pool is equal to the height of a 13-story building.
The pool, designed by architect Emanuele Boaretto, took a year to construct. Today the attraction attracts many tourists and especially scuba diving enthusiasts and freedivers - water sportsmen who can swim underwater in the same breath.
The pool is filled with water from local thermal springs, allowing divers to swim in the pool without the usual water suits that are used in the open sea or ocean.
As you can see in the photo, the pool also has transparent galleries, through the glass of which you can watch divers in action, which is also a lot of fun for onlookers.
The creators of the pool hope that it will help turn the small Italian municipality into an international diving center and also better acquaint the public with the largest area of thermal springs in Europe. It also invites all diving novices who want to try exploring the depths of the pool. The main thing is not to lose the keys, because you have to look for them at great depths.


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