The Easiest Way To Lose Weight And Get Healthy

The method can be used in any position and in any condition (lying down, sitting, standing, while moving around), but it is better to start learning the method while sitting in a comfortable position.


The method consists of gradually reducing the depth of breathing by relaxing until there is a feeling of lack of air and constantly maintaining this feeling throughout the day.


The Method

Don't breathe through your mouth.


Breathe only through your nose.


Take a sit.


Sit up straight without leaning forward so that the chest does not put pressure on the diaphragm.


Relax. Relaxation makes it easier to master the method.


Focus your attention on your breathing.


Breathe through your nose, try not to breathe deep, continue to relax and gradually reduce the depth of your breathing, until you feel slightly out of air.


The main task is to reduce the volume of inhaled air.


Take a short breath in and relax.

When you relax, the air, without effort, slowly comes out of us.


Again, inhale a short bit of air, relax, and the air flows out of us effortlessly.


Repeat this cycle.

At the beginning of mastering the method, breaths will be short but frequent.

This is acceptable.


While performing the method, you will feel a warm sensation running throughout your body.


If the palms of your hands and feet were cold before the method, they will feel warm during the method.


There will be a feeling of warmth in the body.


This is a sign that you are doing everything correctly and the method has begun to work.


The Main Mistake Of The Beginners In Mastering The Method.

Beginners reduce the depth of breathing too much.


Because of this, they begin to feel short of air.


Many people get scared and think they might suffocate and stop practicing breathing.


There is no need to stop mastering the method, nothing terrible has happened.

You just reduced your breathing depth too much.


Start breathing again as usual.


Restore your breathing and try again, only this time decrease the depth of breathing not as much as the first time.


Breathe in such a way that you always and everywhere feel slightly out of air.


Why should you feel slightly out of air?


Because you need to change your breathing and breathe that way for the rest of your life.


If you reduce your breathing too much, you will quickly become tired and constantly have a feeling of discomfort.


You won’t be able to breathe like that throughout the day, and as soon as you get tired and stop reducing your breathing depth, the method will immediately stop working.


It is important to remember how to breathe, try not to forget for even a minute, and if you forget and remember, then, immediately re-immerse yourself in the method and continue to train your breath.


Moderate physical activity improves mastery of the method. Therefore, sports and physical activities are great.


However, when playing sports and during various kinds of physical activities, you need to be using the breathing method all the time, never forget about the breathing and do not deepen the breathing.


How To Breathe While Speaking

During a conversation, many people talk for a long time, until they run out of air.

Then they take a deep breath through their mouth and start talking again.


It's wrong, it's unhealthy, and it shouldn't be done that way.


The Correct Way

You take a short inhale through your nose and start talking.


Talk, but not until you run out of air, stop talking a little before you run out of air.


You pause.


Take a small inhale through the nose and then continue talking again.



You should not overeat, as excess food in the stomach will make it difficult for the diaphragm to work and deepen the breathing.


A Few Important Tips For Those Involved In Sports

What do I mean by "playing sports"?


It can be a regular walk.

Any kind of exercises.



And all other sports.


When doing any exercise, you need to follow the basic rule, which is not to breathe deeply.


If, for example, you're doing an exercise and you're reducing your breathing depth, and the intensity of the exercise makes you want to take a deep breathe, you should stop.


Restore your breathing, while trying not to deepen breathing.

And only after full recovery of breathing, continue the exercise.


At the very beginning of mastering the method, you should not perform very intense and forceful physical exercises.


Do everything in a relaxed manner and slowly.



The intensity of exercise and high exertion will produce negative results.


Some exercises can be done on a breath hold.


This is how I divide push-ups from the floor.

I do 10x10=100 times daily.


I'm taking a lying down thrust.

I hold my breath and do 10 push-ups.

I get up, relax and try not to breathe deeply, recovering my breath.

And so, I repeat ten times.

You should not start the next exercise if your breathing has not recovered.


The Main Rule of Doing Breath-holding Exercises

After you finish the breath hold, you should not have a strong urge to take a deep breath.


If such a desire appears, it means that you have greatly increased the time of holding your breath.


The time for holding your breath should be reduced so that your breathing does not differ from normal after the exercise is over.


If after doing 10 push-ups from the floor on a breath hold, at the end of the exercise you have a strong desire to take a deep breath and you find it difficult to overcome it, then try doing 8 or 7 push-ups.


Try it until you find the right amount for you.


So, I do push-ups on a breath hold 10 times and not more.


Of course, I could do 20 push-ups, but then I would feel a strong urge to take a deep breath.


Deep inhales after holding the breath are harmful and will bring the entire workout to naught.


During the mastering of the method, if you follow all the rules, you will feel that you become less tired.


No matter how old you are, you will feel that your stamina has increased.


Your weight and body will gradually return to normal and your well-being will improve.


I wish you patience and perseverance in mastering the method!


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