The EASIEST Way To Make Money With Chat GPT

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ChatGPT is a large language model developed by OpenAI, that is trained to generate human-like text. It uses a transformer-based architecture, which allows it to generate text that is coherent and fluent, making it suitable for a wide range of natural languages processing tasks such as text completion, translation, and conversation.

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The easiest way to use chatGPT for making money is content creation. ChatGPT can help you write entire 10-minute-long YouTube scripts. It can produce fresh scripts that are fluid and cohesive, making it simple for content producers to think of fresh concepts for videos. The model might also be used to create descriptions, captions, and subtitles for the videos.

It should be noted that while ChatGPT can produce language that resembles that of a human, it cannot replace human creativity and editing. Before being used in any official capacity, the output produced by the model should be reviewed, modified, and fact-checked by a person.


Writing a Script for The Video

By giving chatGPT a prompt, you can utilize it to create a new script. For instance, if you ask it to create a script for a film about a particular subject, it will produce a clear and concise script that you can use as the basis for your video. An illustration of how chatGPT can develop a screenplay for a 10-minute video on “5 methods to generate money using chatGPT” is shown in the image below.

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While ChatGPT can assist with idea generation and script writing, it cannot take the place of the creativity, knowledge, and audience awareness that a human scriptwriter brings to the process. In addition to writing, a scriptwriter’s task is to analyze the target audience and develop a narrative that will appeal to them. ChatGPT can assist scriptwriters in their work and save some time for them, and it is more useful for writing scripts for an educational and informative video rather than a motivating one.



You can use the script obtained from chatGPT and turn it into speech by using other software like Google Text-to-Speech, speechify, NaturalReader, TTSReader, etc. 

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It’s vital to remember that the text-to-speech output may sound robotic or artificial and won’t sound as natural as a real voice. However, it can still be helpful in a variety of applications when a human voice-over is not necessary or would be too expensive.


Searching for keywords to rank on YouTube

You can utilize ChatGPT to generate a list of keywords that could raise the ranking of your video on YouTube. You may train the model to comprehend the jargon used in the niche and produce a list of pertinent keywords by fine-tuning the model using a dataset of existing films and their related titles, tags, and descriptions. You can give it instructions like “create a list of keywords for a video about ChatGPT” and it will produce a list of pertinent keywords as Shown below.

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The AI can be put to work 80–90% of the time for finding your keywords and writing descriptions and scripts. Leaving you with only 10–20% of the work. Not only is chatGPT helping you save time, but it is also helping you become a better marketer, which will help you make more sales.


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