The Effect of Eating Too Much Sugar

Whether you are struggling with a one time sugar binge or are regularly earting too much sugar, the effect of sugar overload on your system can leave you feeling more sour than sweet

The problem with added sugar

The problem with added sugar found in two-pronged firstly, the amount of added sugar found in food is copiously higher than that of natural sugars found in whole foods. Secondly, while natural sugar take longer to break down, evening out the amount of sugar entering your body down quickly entering your bloodstream all at once, resulting in an energy and insulin spikes and an energy crash

In other words, not only does added sugar enter your blood stream  at a much quicker rate than normal but it does so in amounts so high that you are practically bombing your system with sugar 


A holiday party, your favourite pie a rough day at the office no matter the occasion or reason an occasional sugar overload happens to the best of us unfortunately, once the euphoria of all that dopamine rushing through your body passes , you are left with the negative effects of sugar on the body 

Why does this happen? Well, when you consume sugar, your body reacts by releasing insulin. Insulin help keep the sugar levels in your blood consistent

If your body is going through a sugar crash, be on the lookout for the following symptoms

• Headache


•fatigue and difficulty concentrating

•feeling Jettery Or anxious

•Feeling shaky or dizzy



When you have diabetes these crashea are typically more servere and are treated as a condition called hypoglycemia


the occasional sugar overload is one thing, but eating too much sugar on a regular basis can create long term effects and increase the likehood that you will have certain conditions

NOTE :- That many of foods are not actually foods but drinks. In fact, one of the best thing you can do to reduce your intake of added sugar is to drink water in place of other types of popular drinks

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