The eternal kitten. The world's smallest cat breed is named

The Singapore cat breed was almost extinct in its homeland and began its new history in the 1970s when it came to the United States.


There are about 200 breeds of cat in the world, all with different colours, habits, sizes and personalities, but the Singapore, considered to be the smallest cat in the world, has a special place among them.


The name of the breed already tells us where it originated. Because of these animals' habit to live in drains and sleep in drainage pits, the inhabitants of the Malay Peninsula, at the southern tip of which Singapore is located, called them "drain cats".

The breed is at least 300 years old and was created by randomly crossing cats that came to Singapore from all over the world on ships with local cats. Because of their small stature and living in sewers, local authorities classified these animals as vermin and exterminated them. It got to the point where only three Singaporean cats remained in 1974. The breeders took them to the USA and in 1980 another animal was found. This four became the first officially recognised members of the breed.


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