The Events of the First Story Dlc for Dying Light 2 Take Place in Parallel With the Main Story

    So far the game has only released cosmetic DLC and parkour challenges, but in the future there will be two story extensions. In a recent interview, the studio spoke in detail about the upcoming additions and plans for the future

   Dying Light 2 senior game designer Tymon Smektała (Tymon Smektała) admitted that the team immediately set up for long-term support for the game, but the decision on the five-year interval was only approved closer to the end of 2021. In his opinion, building good relationships and interacting with the community is good for the developers.

   It came as a big surprise to Techland how quickly some gamers accumulated a hundred hours or more in the zombie action game and, accordingly, started asking for more. Among the most frequent requests are a "New Game +" mode, a photo mode, and additional difficulty levels. "Right now we're discussing these things and working on them. I don't want to go into details, but very soon people will start to notice these things appearing in the game in one form or another," shared the game designer.


   As it turns out, the announced support plan does not contain all of the planned content. Smektala clarified that in the first year Dying Light 2 will receive more content related to the online game, single-player and story component, as well as platformer elements.

   As for the first paid DLC, it will really surprise gamers, as it was promised during the GDC conference. For example, the add-on doesn't continue the story after the ending, and its events take place in parallel with the main story.

¶ "At some point, though, we're going to start refining the story around the events of the game's finale. We have some ideas. On paper they look promising, but, naturally, the task will be much more difficult".

Recall that the way of Dying Light 2 to the release was not easy, but after several postponements it finally saw the light. The project was not devoid of flaws, but pleased both critics and users - three million people played the zombie action during the first weekend.


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