The factors which you should consider before trying IVF

Married couples always want to have a baby after 2 or three years after marriage. If they can naturally conceive then its okay but if they cannot everybody wants to go with advanced technology ad IVF. Today even very poor and backward people are coming to get an IVF treatment on their wives just to have a baby. They might sell their land or property , even own living house to try for IVF. These were not the case some years back also . If a couple did not have a child they would offer prayers and follow healthy lifestyle to get natuarally conceiving.Β 

Why Iam telling this thing because of the following points:

1) There is no gurantee that IVF will be successful

Actually majority of the cases are a failure in IVF. There are millions of IVF clinics around the world who are not technologically advanced but they are running an institute because there are many infertility cases tnese days. And everybody wants a child. Even after spending a lot of money you might not become a parent. So before taking a financial risk, think thousand times before going for IvF.Β 

2) Majority cases IVF is a failure

Among a thousand couples only 10 or 20 gets to have a baby through IvF procedure. There are only very few absolutely advanced and technically sound labs which can give you the best treatment. But there are millions of ivf clinics around then whom to choose for yourself. There are cases when after seen successful cases in the neighbourhood, when the couple went to the same clinic, they were not successful.

3) IVF is too expensive procedure

The cost involved in IVF procedure is too much and people are so fond of babies that many clinics are simply doing business with the emotions of the couples. They are simply making a business out of these couples at the costΒ  of their delicate emotion for a child. So if you have the money ready then only go for IVF or else simply dont go for loan, or sell houses and assets just to try for IVF. I must tell you this might break you financially.

4) Lots of hormonal injectiond and medicines involved

These injections and medicines actually are very strong so getting them into your body is actually a lot of risk. And the costs of each injections and medicine is damn high. So if you are not having a steady flow of money, then its safe not to try for IvF.Β 

5) Lots of depression involved because the first IVF cycle is hardly a success

The first cycle in IvF is almost never a success because lots of expectation after spending such a lot of money. And the lady has to suffer painful injections for this procedure and not one or two days. You have to take regular painful injections.

6) After IVF failure some people find no hope of living

There are cases where poor people sell their houses and invest their total savings to undergo an IvF procedure. So after a failure in IvF EVERYTHING IS LOST, even the hope for living...!!


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