The fantastic life of Dion

Dion is born November 15 2009, she loves fighting, actually fighting, boxing, singing and drawing are her hobbies, I won't actually say her, most of the time they call Dion a guy cause of how she behaves and looks, Dion actually has no friends at school not even in her country, her friends are all from another country, though she laughs and plays with people, they aren't her friends, her only friend actually in her country is her dad and mom, she gathers cryptocurrency, she doesn't actually like girly girls anymore, cause when she tried having a friend that's girly, she was left heartbroken, she had a bf his name is Cari, after telling someone about him the next week her and Cari broke up not cause she told someone about their relationship but cause he treated her like garbage, she enjoyed having Cari as a bf, the relationship didn't last long cause it was a distance relationship and he treated her like garbage, his actually from US while Dion is from Nigeria, so the day Dion had a friend who was a girly girl her name is roshini, she was actually cute but she didn't turn out how Dion expected her to be cause of that, Dion got really furious that is how he started fighting he found out he was good at that best so he made that his hobby but unlucky for him, he met someone who's names is Xavski, Xavski called Dion his bestie but he never acted like he knew Dion, he also treated Dion like garbage, xavski has a gf who is very protective of him there was a time when Dion joked by flirting with Xavski to Dion's surprise xavski told vio which is his gf and then due to her being too protective of Xavski, she called Dion a whore Dion apologized to vio so many times but she still didn't like Dion, Dion tried everything possible to make vio accept his apology but she didn't, Dion was angry so she decided to punch her punching bag to let the anger out but she couldn't so she decided to draw when she knew she couldn't do it she literally just started singing and running and then she was relieved, Dion then told Xavski that he should help her but Xavski made things worse, Dion then opened a game app which is virtual you chat and make friends with people from other countries and they are real the name of the game is avatar life when Dion started playing it and saw xavski there she was happy but the happiness turned into anger in seconds cause someone named thrill lied that Dion and her had a relationship which they didn't Dion tried explaining to Xavski that Thrill was lieing but he kept on blabbering bout Dion knowing Thrill, Dion could understand what xavski wanted, xavski wanted Dion to date Thrill so Dion accepted her though Dion didn't like girls soon after Dion told Thrill that she doesn't like her she eventually accepted it but when a guy named rare started playing the game he said Dion is his bf cause Dion was using a male avatar on the game so Dion needed Thrill help so Dion said thrill is his gf which isn't true but soon after Dion was shattered she literally boxed almost all day cause freaking Thrill said Dion was gay, the thing is that Dion dated a girl before on avatar life and freaking Thrill told everyone, Dion then felt betrayed and shattered she hoped one day she would be famous she could write stories, novels and be famous for that and also boxing, singing and cooking.


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