The fastest tightrope walker: a dog named Ozzie

Many people dream of making it into the Guinness Book of World Records, but some are lucky - for example, a dog named Ozzie was able to set another world record in just 18.22 seconds. That's how long it took Osbert Humperdinck Pumpernickle (Ozzie's full name) to walk the 3.5m pancake rope, which she demonstrated at the Faith Animal Rescue Centre competition, immediately becoming the fastest rope walker in the world.
Born on a farm in Anglesey, Ozzie is an adorable chocolate and white dog, a cross between a Bordie Collie and an Australian Kelpie. Her owner was Nick Johnson, a carpenter who is now 53 years old. He's not a professional dog handler, but he decided to train his dog after he saw an entertainment show where the animals were doing interesting tricks. The first thing he did was teach Ozzie to give a paw. Then he made her stand on her hind legs at his command, and then he taught her other tricks. Nick is sure his dog is very talented and all his achievements are not only thanks to him but also to his four-legged friend. They work out about five hours a day. Ozzy now sits comfortably on the man's shoulders while he rides his bike, and also balances well on street signs and can fetch a cell phone on command.
Nick Johnson recalls that Ozzie was his first dog, so he knew nothing about how to care for these animals. He had heard more than once that it wasn't an easy job, but he never had a problem with Ozzie. Now, if the mailman brings a newspaper, the dog pulls it out of the mailbox and carries it to the owner. If his cell phone rings, she brings it, too. Nick tells me that if he asks to bring him light-colored pants, the dog will pick the one he was asked for because he understands the difference in color and all his master's words. He believes this is really true, and it's real, he's not exaggerating.


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