The fastest walkthrough of the game DOOM 2

The modern game industry pleases gamers with a multitude of projects. Only AAA-class games are released dozens each year, not to mention more modest projects. But there is just one problem - most of them do not leave a mark in the hearts of players and make them forget about themselves immediately after the final credits rolled across the screen.
With legendary games, it's a little different. They often originated several decades ago and continue to be in demand. Fans continue to discuss the features of gameplay and even hold competitions with each other, something resembling a cyber sport discipline. In this case we are talking about speedrun - speed walkthrough.
For example, some time ago a video appeared on YouTube, which was uploaded by a user called Zero-Master. There he demonstrates the passage of DOOM 2: Hell on Earth on the penultimate difficulty level. He did it in just 23 minutes, and absolutely honestly, that is, without the use of third-party programs or game
The record-breaker was proud of the fact that he completed the game 22 seconds faster than his previous best achievement. One level took him anywhere from 7 seconds to 2 minutes. By the way, the most time for such records, by the way, is spent on preliminary preparation, because you need to carefully study the game and understand how to use its features to your advantage. This is the only way to achieve new records, especially when you do it before thousands of people around the world.
In conclusion we want to remind that the computer game DOOM 2 saw the light back in 1994. The developers at the time and had no idea how important element would be a built-in stopwatch, timing the passage of each level. And it was the reason for establishing the achievements concerning the minimum passing time, thanks to which the game is still not forgotten. Moreover, in certain circles, it has acquired a cult status.


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