The fate of an ancient civilization: whether the treasures of Atlantis have been found

Half-Men Half-Gods

In ancient books, Atlantis was almost always drawn as an island that was separated from the rest of the land by several perfectly round walls. Modern researchers even compare the giant city of the mighty Atlanteans to a layer cake, with each level rising higher and higher.

But most importantly, the Atlanteans were able to use the energy of all the elements and had access to the universal database of information, where the knowledge of all past civilizations has been stored since the creation of the world.

The Atlanteans were the first high culture with its own writing, with the division of society into castes: priests, warriors, peasants, merchants and so on.

They had a progressive agriculture. They knew how to irrigate their fields artificially and so they harvested rich crops.


Where are you, Atlantis?

Scientists from around the world are still making dozens of hypotheses about where Atlantis sank. It has been sought in the LaManche Strait, the Pacific Ocean, Cuba, Peru, Great Lakes region of the United States, Greenland, Iceland, Persia, Bermuda, Bahamas, Canary Islands and even in the Arctic and Antarctic.

One of the latest versions belongs to the Russian oceanologist, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Alexander Gorodnitsky. In the early eighties he led the expedition, which in the Atlantic Ocean, about 500 km from Gibraltar, explored the area of the underwater mountain of Ampere. It was there, in his opinion, may be the sunken Atlantis.

The system of underwater mountains, which were discovered there, have flat tops. This means that they were once islands. Gorodnitsky's research coincides with the ancient legends, which speak of the Atlantean civilization, and with the works of Plato, who was one of the first to point out where to look for the island of the gods.

The search for the mysterious Atlantis, which by Plato's calculations went under the water in about 9600 B.C., has been conducted for a very long time. Following the works of the ancient Greek philosopher, the remains of an ancient civilization must be sought in the Atlantic Ocean. But not everything is so clear-cut.

Sicily is one of the most beautiful places on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It was in this place according to the German professor Axel Hausmann that Atlantis was located. In favor of his theory Hausmann cites the fact that about 10,000 years ago the Mediterranean Sea was smaller, and the water level was 150-200 meters lower than now. And the Atlanteans living there moved between islands on a land plateau, which is now under water.

In favor of his hypothesis also speak majestic constructions. Who and how could build them? Who and how moved these hundreds of tons of stones? Not only that, but recent high-profile finds and artifacts suggest that Professor Hausman's version may be correct. Hausman suggests that a significant portion of the Atlanteans were able to escape and make it to Egypt.


Ancient Atlantean Library

Imagine a unique database that has all the answers, unlocks the secrets of powerful technology, and compiles information about everything that has ever happened or will ever happen. Sounds fantastic!

Researchers come forward with a shocking hypothesis - such a base exists. This is an ancient library of the Atlanteans - a unique collection of wisdom from the past and answers to the future, the works of ancient sages, as if dictated to them by the universe itself. But where is it?

In Ecuador, between Peru and Brazil, there are long tunnels stretching for many kilometers. They are safely hidden by a mountain range. In 1969 they were discovered by the Argentine entrepreneur and scientist Juan Moritz. It was here, in his opinion, to look for the repository of ancient knowledge, the legendary library of the Atlanteans.

Dozens of iron books, thousands of transparent quartz tablets with inlays, statues of gods - all this is part of the unique heritage of an ancient civilization. Moritz needed like-minded people to search. One of them was the Swiss researcher Erich von Deiniken. He is convinced that in ancient times, the Earth was visited by highly advanced civilizations, which endowed our ancestors with sacred knowledge.

In 1972, he together with Juan Moritz explored the underground tunnels. What he saw Deiniken will describe in his book "The Gold of the Gods. The search for the golden library of Atlantis took almost 30 years. Organization of the expedition each time complicated the political situation in Ecuador. And yet it was found.

But here's the paradox - neither the Ecuadorian government nor the official scientific community do not recognize the existence of the metal library. Even the fact of work being carried out in the underground labyrinths is carefully concealed. But what was found there?


What was found in the golden library?

Juan Moritz saw many gold figures in the catacombs representing animals. There were other figures as well. One had a rectangular body and a round head. In hands the strange creature holds balls, ratios of which correspond to the position of the Moon and the Sun. We also found a figure dressed in some kind of space suit.

Even more surprising are the figures which resemble a modern supersonic Concorde airliner. One of them was given to a museum in Colombia, and the other remained in the cave.

In one room, there are thousands of metal books on shelves, each weighing about 20 kilograms. The pages are covered with a green patina, which means they are made of copper. The pages of these incredible books are covered with geometric symbols and unknown characters that have yet to be deciphered.

In a second room are the quartz tablets. Farther away is a warehouse of metal bars of unknown purpose. And then you can go into a huge hall filled with statues of people and animals. In one of the rooms is a translucent sarcophagus, inside which rests a gilded mummy of a giant.

All research is conducted in complete secrecy, but the leakage of information in such cases is inevitable. It is said that a large group of scientists from all over the world has been working in the tunnels for several years. The site is guarded by Peruvian special forces. But let us hope that soon the treasures of Atlantis will be the property of all mankind.


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