The flu pandemic vs the corona virus

From the year 1918-1920, the flu ran like wild. Taking men women and children. Much like the COVID-19 virus, people were required to wear masks and to not spit in public. Even doctors and nurses fell victim to both these pandemics. When someone got the flu during the 1918 pandemic, everyone in the house was quarantined inside. In hopes of not spreading the flu. It's an unfortunate repeat of that time.

The COVID-19 started about two years ago and do you want to know what dispite people complaining about it or the death toll rising again because of a new strain, if this pandemic has taught me anything more important is that Being patient is a virtue.  

I wasn't always patient with people or with items. Especially as a child.  But I'm almost 24 years old. If I can be patient and wait for better times, so can you.  The flu pandemic hit hard during the years 1918-1920 and I believe that this pandemic is a reincarnation of the flu pandemic that happened so long ago. And had been updated to modern times 


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