The future of OTD technology

   Orally Disintegrating Tablets

Oral Solubilizing Tablets An oral solubilizing tablet is a solid dosage form that disintegrates in the mouth without water in 30 seconds or less, increasing convenience and compliance for a wide range of indications and patient types, including young people. or the elderly who may have difficulty swallowing or chewing a conventional tablet, active individuals who prefer the convenience of taking an ODT that does not require water, and travelers or patients in places with limited or unreliable drinking water. dosage is a versatile option for many applications.

Benefits of ODT for Patients and Caregivers

1-Allows precise dosing

2-no risk of fluid leakage Better patient compliance

3-easier to take or administer than conventional tablets or liquid forms Ideal for

4-non-ambulatory patients with difficulty swallowing or chewing More convenient than other dosage forms

5-easy to swallow does not require water and offers a faster onset of therapeutic action for some drugs.

At SPI Pharma, we have many innovative solutions that the industry relies on to develop Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODT) and Powders (ODP). Our functional excipients, taste-masked active ingredients, and comprehensive service and technical support can help you solve even your toughest formulation challenges.


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