The Generation That Doesn't Need Real Estate

A major transformation awaits the entire real estate market when the zoomer generation (2000+) truly enters its rights. It is quite small, relative to last year's Igreak (1980-2000) and even more so to the X's (1960-1980), which are already coming off the pedestal.

Exactly, as the Zoomers come into active economic life, the curse of the demographic pit will begin to directly affect developers' sales. Because, the demands of this audience are very different.

The term is now ubiquitous: the sharing economy. And this concept (sherding) is tightly integrated into our daily lives, carsharing, self-catering, and so on.

The same thing is happening with housing, the era of those born in the USSR is coming to an end, and in the next 10-15 years there will be a breakdown or gradual transformation of consciousness and a change of life goals.

The apartment-machine-summer format will only be in the minds of the dinosaurs of the past century. Some representatives of the Soviet past, after the 90's, have already been able to accept the new reality and change their priorities, because in addition to dachas there are many alternatives and hobbies for all incomes.

Investing most of what they earn during their active life cycle into a concrete bag will no longer be a nationwide staple.

The very approach to owning real estate will change. More and more income houses will appear.

The rental housing market will become more cultured, and will eventually become legally transparent and civilized.

It will be much easier and more profitable to rent an apartment than to take on a mortgage. And the cult of owning real estate, will be finally overthrown.

Housing will be even more disposable than now, with a certain lifespan, then demolition and disposal.

It is not profitable for the modern economy to build structures that will function for 100 years, it is much more efficient (for business) to build junk housing with a predictable shelf life.

Suffice it to look at what kind of waste used to build FAM in the same states, brick is expensive, but the cardboard, OSB, gypsum board with mineral wool is "for the ages.

The days of centuries-old capital construction are finally over.

The fashion includes disposable things and disposable apartments, which will not be passed on by inheritance, so what is the point of buying this garbage in the property, even with a free mortgage?


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