The Ghost on his Back

     A married couple argued a lot and eventually began to talk about divorce. However, the wife discovered that she was pregnant, and for the sake of the baby, they decided to give the marriage another try.  

    The boy was born, and there was a brief period of calm in the family, but not for long.  Soon old problems surfaced, and father and mother, again, began to quarrel.   

     One night, when the boy was about 5 years old, the couple put the boy to bed, and then they had a huge fight.   In a fit of rage, the father wrapped his arms around his wife's neck and strangled her.  When he realized what he had done, panic gripped him. 

      He knew he had to get rid of the body if he didn't want to get caught.  He stuffed the body in the trunk of his car and drove out of town into the swamp.  He pulled the body out of the car, but the rigor mortis had already begun to show and it was hard to drag him.  He threw his wife's body on his back, as if he were carrying her on his back, and wandered across the stinking swamp.   Going as far as the swamp water would allow, he let her go and watched her stiffened hands and unhappy face disappear into the murky, swampy water. 

      The man went home and got under the shower to clean himself up, but he could not get rid of the disgusting stench of the swamp.  The smell made him sick. No matter how much he scrubbed and showered, he could not get rid of the smell. It followed him everywhere he went. 

        Each day the boy became more and more worried about his mother and asked his father all sorts of questions. The father told the boy that his mother had gone to visit relatives.  But the smell remained. The man tried to ignore it as best he could.   

       One day the man noticed his son looking at him in a strange way. Each time he approached his son, he recoiled in horror and would not let him touch him.  

       One day he walked into his child's room as he was playing on the floor.  

       - Son, something seems to be bothering you. Is there something you want to tell me?"  

       - Yes, father. 

       - Is it, is it because of your mother?  

       Affirmative answer.  

       - What is it?  

       - Why is Mom's face so pale?  

       - What do you mean? 

       - And why do you ride her on your back every day? 


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