The Girl I met (Story)

The girl I met.

March 25 was a sad and boring day for me, I spent hours in bed with nothing to but my phone to  browse, while looking through my whatsapp group chats I found someone, a girl from Ayacucho, a distant place from where I am

Before I met her, I was not sure of her response to me as a rather strange person out of no where saying " hi " to her. But my somewhat mysterious introduction was welcomed with a friendly calming  voice with a smile from her, and within that moment as we continued to talk, her laughs and smile changed my mood without her knowing about it. . . .

She speaks Spanish and an amazing artist, but a little shy about her arts as she says it is not good enough to show. I didn't believe that, as I saw a beautiful reflection of the stars she had just painted, "What a masterpiece".

 Through our frequent interactions, I loved seeing a video of her with the sisters as they were dancing to a music on the field and she said " I like to do crazy things with my sisters ".The interesting thing is that girls like her don't really like to do crazy things, but she does and that makes her specially different. She is brave, smart, fun, ♡ a little crazy ♡ and loves to paint just as much as she is lovely and beautiful. I have not seen anyone like her. . .

I smile every time I remember the day she came into my life . it was the best day of my life  and I'm stuck on thinking about her everyday but the  challenge is I'm not sure of telling her as I don't know what her reaction will be . . . .and what would happen afterwards. . . .whether we would still be friends or our friendship would end on my account but whatever happens,she is The Girl I Met and she has taken over my mind and heart . . . .

                                                    To: mi amor


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