The Gospel Message

One of the most powerful, most important messages in the history of mankind is the Gospel Message. The Gospel message is basically the story of our loving savior, the hero, I should say, of all the helpless souls on earth. Jesus Christ was far from the ordinary man. He was a man of unknown greatness. The Gospel message tells the story of how Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price, his life, to God to save us all from sin so we could one day have eternal peace with our Father and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Gospel message is the most popular message of all time and if one of the most important messages at that. In our culture most people believe the message is to tell us if you don’t accept Christ as our savior, we will spend eternity in the pits of Hell, which is true. See we are all born sinners thanks to Adam and Eve and we remain sinners until we find salvation (The Holy Bible, Rms 3:23). In society most people don’t like being categorized with the murderers and kidnappers, but the truth is no matter what the sin is being committed they are all the same in the eyes of the Lord (Weider & Gutierrez, 2014).

Not everyone accepts the message. There’s a list of reasons why one may not accept the Gospel. For some people, it’s hard for them to accept that God and Jesus are real due to all the bad that has happened in their life and that has happened all over the world (Ponder, 2021). Death of a family member or nothing good happening in that person’s life is all it takes for some to reject the message.

Romans 6:23 teaches us that we all deserve to be punished because we are born with sinful hearts and some people don’t like that idea (Weider & Gutierrez, 2014). I can see why someone may be upset and disagree with that but that’s the exact reason Jesus sacrificed his life for us. Believing and trusting in their hearts that Jesus gave his life for them and it saves them from the eternal punishment.

As Christians all we can do is repent our sins to God, believe that Jesus sacaficed his life for ours, and believe He rose from the dead and we will be on our way to forever happiness. Salvation is the key.


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