The great book of george washington

George Washington, the first president of the great America, was beloved for his character. There was no limit to his generosity and mercy. He was such a great man that they called him the "Father of the American Nation. 


George grew up in the most ordinary family, which had so little money that it could give him little. One day he read a rule book composed in the sixteenth century by French Jesuits. This book described how to have a proper conversation, behave at the table, dress properly, etc.


The future president wrote it all down in his notebook. It is interesting that he carried it with him until the end of his life and reread it from time to time. Thanks to this book he was able to form certain habits in himself, thanks to which he became the favorite of millions of people. As he consolidated these habits, he earned more and more respect from people as a self-made man.


He was a great man who, with only a literary foundation, was able not only to rise to his feet, but to make all of America respect himself.


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