The Great Divide in America: Sacred vs. Secular

In America, we all have unconsciously tended to sweep religion under the rug, and away from the public eye, causing an effect in our everyday busy lives, we all seem to be living. We tend to get so busy, steadily rushing to get all that we can get done within the shortest amount of time, not even realizing that we often forget about the Man up above. We have pushed religion out of everything that was built on a strong Christian worldview, and we have slowly, throughout the years have been blinded pushing God off to the corner, not even realizing it’s happening (Etzel D. G.).

When I step back and look into my own life, I see a few examples of the sacred and the secular parts of my daily living. I catch myself saying that I am accepting of all, but then there’s moments I find myself judging somebody by their hair or even the clothes they were wearing. I love to be loved and so does every other living thing on earth! Unconditional love is meant to be exactly the way you read it…… UNCONDITIONAL! Sadly, it is something that is rare to find. We have all become doubleminded, seeing a nonexistent line on what we should call spiritual and what should be called secular, when really everything we do should be done within the name of God (Williams, 2018).

We all need to get our heads out of Lala Land and bring God back into our God-fearing American lives. To do so, we must see the real issue at hand here, and somehow getting that realization out of our minds and moved down into our hearts if we even want to expect any changes to happen. To do so, one must pray, and when I say pray…. I mean really pray and pray every day. God is willing and ready to listen to us anytime, night or day, when we are ready to talk to Him (Etzel & Small, 2016). Another thing to consider, is make everything you do in life all about God, turning it into more of a Spiritual activity (Brossman, 2013). “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think!” Romans 12:2 (Bible, 2017) is a clever way of thinking to live your lives by. Remember, when you go God, you can never go wrong!



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