The healthiest and the most unhealthy foods are named

At the top of the list are raspberries and almonds, and at the very bottom are instant noodles and cornflakes.
Experts from Tufts University (USA), whose article was published in the journal Nature Food, have developed a "food compass" - a stoichiometric system for evaluating individual foods, drinks and whole foods based on their healthful and unhealthy properties.
The researchers selected more than eight thousand types of foods, beverages and dishes most popular with Americans. Each was scored on 54 different characteristics in nine categories related to chronic disease risk - obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer - as well as the risk of malnutrition, especially in the case of pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and the elderly. It's about the content of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, salt and sugar, healthy and unhealthy fats, protein and fiber, additives and so on in foods and meals.
Foods and beverages scoring above 70 on this scale can be consumed without fear, those scoring between 31 and 69 should not be enjoyed, and those scoring less than 30 should be avoided altogether.  
At the top of the list are berries, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, seafood, and fruit and vegetable juices. Various ready-made sweet desserts, spicy and salty snacks, fast food, sweetened carbonated and energy drinks scored the least.
As for individual dishes, raw raspberries, salty almonds, vegetable curries, tuna salad dressed with light mayonnaise, and cappuccino with nonfat milk (over 70 points) topped the list. In the middle of the list (31-69 points) are sweet potato chips, skinless grilled chicken breast, turkey or chicken burger with condiments on a wheat bun, peanut butter and jam sandwich on white bread, and grilled cheese sandwich. At the bottom of the list (less than 30 points) were meat pizza, cornbread, cheeseburger, instant noodles and cooked pudding.
The authors of the "food compass" hope this system will help people eat a more balanced diet and know what to look for when choosing certain foods and dishes in a store, café or restaurant.


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