The healthiest foods for pregnant women: Vegetables and fruits

The healthiest foods for pregnant women: Vegetables and fruits


Carrots: the most useful vegetable during pregnancy. Carrots contribute to the better functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. It contains a lot of carotene, vitamin E, C, vitamins B, K and PP. All these useful substances help in the formation of the child's organs. The only contraindication for this vegetable is stomach ulcers, pancreatic problems and any inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.


Bell peppers: have medicinal properties, help improve mucous membranes and strengthen blood vessels. Useful substances that are contained in peppers strengthen the bones of pregnant women and help in the formation of baby bones. Vitamins C, E, PP and P, which are contained in this vegetable improves the condition of the skin. And essential oils, protein and beta-carotene will increase the immune level of the woman who is expecting a baby.


Spinach: this vegetable is rich in folic acid (vitamins A, B9 and E), which helps pregnant women to avoid miscarriage, cope with toxicosis in the first trimester, reduces the chance of developing anemia and protects the fetus from developing abnormalities.

Tomato: a very nourishing and low-calorie tomato contains lycopene, which is a unique antioxidant and protects cells from free radicals.


Banana: despite the calorie content of this fruit and the amount of starch that it contains, doctors do not recommend giving it up. Banana contains the most beneficial elements for the fruit: zinc and potassium. Zinc helps to form the child's immune system, and potassium - the cardiovascular system.


Apples: these fruits help normalize the gastrointestinal function, increase the secretion of gastric juice, remove nausea. Apples have a lot of iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, which help the fetus to develop. And five seeds of this fruit contain a daily norm of iodine.


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