The Highest-paying Professions of the Future

High unemployment rates, including in developed countries, are forcing young people to choose their professions more and more carefully. 


The popular publication 24/7 Wall St. has printed a list of the 10 highest-paid and most needed professions of the future in the United States. Compiling a list, the publication was guided roughly to the period from 2012 to 2020.

And so let's find out.



Job growth: 33.1%

Average salary: $94,990

The profession's demand is driven by the fact that the number of seniors is growing, and with them, the number of ophthalmologists will increase by at least 33.1% by 2020.


Rehabilitation Specialists.

Increase in job openings: 33.5%

Average salary: $72,320


These are people who work with patients who, for certain reasons, have had a serious illness or injury and now need professional help to get back to a normal life. The number of these professionals in the United States is expected to reach 144,000 by 2020.



Increase in job openings: 35.9%

Average Salary: $82,040


In addition to treating pets, a veterinarian must know how to care for laboratory and farm animals.

That number will increase by 22,000 by 2020.


Medical professionals

Job growth: 36.4%

Average salary: $76,700


Medical specialists are increasingly working for research institutions and for the federal government. Their services are needed by a growing population. By 2020, the number of people with this profession will reach 136,000. Most of this demand for the profession is due to the growing demand for drugs.



Increase in the number of vacancies: 36.8%

Average salary: $66,660


These are specialists in treating and diagnosing hearing disorders. An aging population is the main reason for the increased demand for surdologists.

These are the top 5. In sixth place are dental hygienists with an average annual salary: $68,250, physical therapists with an average salary of $76,310, market analysts with an average income of $60,570 and ultrasonic echography specialists with an average annual salary of $64,380.

Medical equipment engineers with an average annual salary of $81,540 will also make excellent money.


These projections should help young people decide on their future professions.


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