The innovative Powershift system replaces the bike shifter

The Powershift system from Belgian company Classified Cycling was first announced last year and recently won a gold award at Eurobike 2021. It consists of four main parts: a remote control on the handlebars, a smart electronic through-axle, a two-speed hub and a cassette with 11 sprockets.

In direct-drive mode, the single front drive sprocket acts as a large sprocket on a two-star drivetrain equipped with a front derailleur. This means all ratios are relatively high.

Powershift system.

However, pressing a button on the remote activates the through axle and triggers a mechanism inside the hub that reduces the gear ratio, essentially turning the single front sprocket into a virtual small sprocket. As a result, all gear ratios are lower for the same physicality on the front sprocket and cassette.

The Powershift hub gives you more gear selection without the hassle of shifting the chain forward and backward between the two physical front sprockets. In addition, gears shift within 150 milliseconds and under full load.

The design is weatherproof, weighs no more than the Shimano Di2 electronic system and can handle more than 10,000 shifts from a single through-axle battery charge.

Classified Cycling now offers a Powershift hub already built into three own-brand wheelsets, which are respectively designed for asphalt, gravel and highway riding. Any one of the three packages costs $2,774


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