The jock twins from the movie "Babysitters": how they trained and what happened to them now

Let's take a look at how the brothers fared. And also let's get acquainted with the scheme of their training. For - attention, spoiler - even at the age of 62 the brothers proudly had abs cubes and weights on the bar far above 150 kilograms.


The guys had been strong since childhood. Even in their youth, the brothers practiced wrestling and played American soccer. A few years later, they became interested in bodybuilding. So much so, that they even bought equipment and opened a small gym in their town of Hartford.


They named the club simply - "Metal House". And they became the biggest jocks in Hartford.


But the twins were not like that, to be satisfied with the fame of "the first guys in the village. The guys went to California, with a dream of becoming famous around the world.


And they succeeded! In 1994, they starred in the famous movie "Babysitters.


The brothers played spoiled jocks, who were hired as bodyguards for the children. Over the course of the movie, the jocks become hardened and become real, serious men, not only in body but also in spirit.


"Babysitters" became very popular outside of America. The movie was in unprecedented demand in Russia as well. Charismatic jocks went to the public with a bang!


After the movie "Babysitters" Peter and David disappeared from the news for over 10 years. Only in 2005, their names resurfaced - the guys were again starring in films and leading television shows. But they never regained their former glory.


What have they been doing all these years? They were into creativity and working out!


David worked as a photographer. He had a passion for photography since childhood. The boy at school was only given a drawing. And when he was 13, he was given a camera. And since then, photography became his main profession. His clients were showbiz stars.


And most importantly, he did great photo shoots for Mr. Olympia and the Arnold Classic. Who better to know how to show cool muscles than him!


He was making good money. One picture in his portfolio cost 50 dollars. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself admired his work.


His second brother Peter became a writer. And children's. He wrote a whole series of books, which are still very famous in America. And in addition to books he wrote children's lullabies.


They were in the film when they were both 37 years old. According to them, at that point they reached the peak of their form.


And the parameters of the brothers were impressive. They were 183 centimeters tall and weighed 111 kilograms each. And that's dry weight! And they rocked their pecs to a fantastic 143 centimeters in circumference!


As the years went by. And weight and strength seemed to be going nowhere with the years. At 62, they still had their abs! And working weights in bench-press started from 200 kg!


Let's look at how the brothers trained. Here are the main components of their success.


Discipline. This is the cornerstone of any athlete's success.


For many years, the twins ate mostly just eggs and vegetables. The brothers ate 35 eggs a day! They ate eggs raw and mixed them with milk. Other than that, the brothers' favorite foods were cottage cheese and yogurt with minimal fat.


In my opinion, 35 eggs is still a very strict diet. After all, we are talking not only about the whites, but also quite caloric yolks. However, the brothers assured me that they spent 7,000 calories in the gym.


Long workouts. The brothers ignored fashionable fast-paced workout routines. They went to the gym almost every day. And the workout took several hours.


Already in their youth, even before the filming, each of the brothers bench pressed 230 kg. And weights on the barbell during squats started from 300 kilograms!


And the twins built up powerful shoulders by bench press from behind the head. This is their favorite exercise. At the peak of their form they squeezed 160 kg from behind their heads!


Strength training. The brothers did not like bodybuilding schemes. And they trained according to classic powerlifters' schemes.


Such training principles were: big weights, few repetitions and focus on basic exercises with a barbell, which involved maximum muscles.


They have nicknamed their training scheme "Barbarian. Not only because of their love for the then fashionable movie "Conan the Barbarian. But also because of their tough attitude to their bodies. No indulgences! All energy - for the result!


After their movie career, the brothers kept on working out, but not in their cozy "Metal House", but in the legendary Gold's Gym. For many years they were invited to all major bodybuilding competitions as guests of honor.


The guys stayed true to their long hair and dressed as flamboyantly as in the movie "Babysitters".


Alas, it wasn't long ago that fate separated the brothers.


David Paul passed away on March 6, 2020. The family kept the cause of death a secret. It is only known that Paul died in his sleep, no traces of banned drugs were found in his blood. His health was excellent. Except that hadra cut him down - for the last months he had been suffering from the illness of his beloved dog, Cowboy. The dog also couldn't stand the death of his master and died a few days later.


But Peter continues his brother's work. He takes photographs, writes music and also goes to the gym every day. Except that there are no longer any reliable hands around to back him up!


Write in the comments, do you remember the movie, what are your impressions from watching it and what do you think about the brothers' training scheme?


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