The joy of motherhood

   Joy has to do with happiness and this celebration within the inner thought has to come from the mind. Happiness/joy is useless without the function of the mind.Therefore, the sources of every joy.whether in marriage, work place or in school is the mind.

   The benefits of every valuable tree is the fruit/product  it produces. There will be no joy when you sow and at the time of harvest, productivity is no where to be found.

   Supportively, mother is a special creature created with a womb for the productivity of fruits. Any mother

 without a fruit or fruits (child/children) is disregard and can never be valued.

   As a matter of concern, the joy of mothehood is you, you are the cause of your mother's happiness, you are the reason your mom was called a virtuous woman in the family she belong.

   Being born into this universe did not only bring joy but also attached it with love and settlement. As a new figure, your day is decorated with the blessings of prosperity, Love and long life.



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