The korella parrot is a pink-cheeked singer

The nymph parrot is a relative of the cockatoo. The cockatiel looks truly exotic. Like all cockatoos, the korella parrot has a tuft on its head, which rises depending on the bird's mood. The Corella appears to be a medium sized bird and has a small beak. The body length including the tail length is 30-33 cm, leaving the tail length of about 15 cm. The Corella parrot weighs about 100 grams. The male and female corella look different. Males have a brighter coloration. The male korella has dark gray plumage, his head and tuft are colored rich yellow, and there are orange-red spots on his cheeks. The female cockerel has pale gray plumage, its crest and head have a dull yellowish gray hue, and there are pale brown spots on its cheeks. Since the nymph parrot is very easy to breed, many new colors have been bred, which has made it very difficult to determine the sex of a cockerel. It is possible to determine the sex of a cockerel by behavior, because up to a certain age, males and females have the same plumage.

Male cockerels make a lot of noise and are active, they bang their beaks and sing beautifully. While female cockerels prefer to sit quietly or bounce in place. How long do cockerels live and how? In the wild, the korella parrot lives in Australia, where it has a wide distribution. The nymph parrot inhabits grassy steppes with lone trees and bushes, savannahs, eucalyptus groves, semi-deserts and plains. Corellas live on the tops of trees or shrubs and are very rarely seen on the banks of water bodies. Corellas live in small groups of 10 to 50 birds. Such groups may join in huge flocks during periods of drought or mating season. Although in the wild, cockatiels are very shy, in captivity, they quickly become domesticated. In addition, keeping these parrots is simple enough to make it easy to breed cockatiels. In nature, with the beginning of the rainy season, the nymph parrot lays 3 to 7 small white eggs.

Both parents incubate the clutch. After about 3 weeks, the cockerel chicks, which are covered with yellowish fluff, are born. Both parents also take part in feeding the offspring. After a couple of months, the young cockerels leave the nest. In the wild, the cockatiel feeds on a variety of seeds, fruits, and small insects. It is now illegal in Australia to take the korellas out of the country. However, the ease of breeding and indiscriminateness in maintenance, allowed to avoid a shortage of this species of parrots outside of Australia. Corella is a very beautiful parrot that can easily learn many words. The male cockerel sings well and can imitate the singing of tits or nightingales it hears from the street. Longevity of a male cockatiel is 20-25 years, but in natural conditions, cockatiels live not more than 15 years.


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