The largest organism is a mushroom

Honey mushroom

We are often told about the largest organisms on earth and we hear stories about fish and larger than life lizards but actually, the largest organism to ever exist is a mycelium network commonly known as honey mushroom.

It extends to a length of 2200 acres of land or 665 football fields.Also known as the meadow maker as they kill trees by acting as a parasite, then they decompose the trees into water and thus allow environment (sunshine and water) for grass to grow.Thus known as the meadow maker.

Edit : These mushrooms are edible as well.

Random mushroom facts

1. Mushrooms are not only taken as food but some of them can heal you, some of them can kill you and some of them can send you to a spiritual journey.

2.Mushrooms are good for the prevention of Alzheimer's. They tend to cause neurogenesis or in easily understandable terms, they form the myelin on axons which is lost due to Alzheimer's.

3.Micophobia is the fear of mushrooms

4.They belong to the kingdom fungi. Fungi are more related to animals than to plants.In fact the chemicals that tend to harm fungi like pencillin are also harmful to animals.Other than that, 30 percent of soil mass is fungal.

Cellular Intelligence

Few years ago, the japanese used fungi to reorganise the japanese train system in a more efficient way.This is a good example of cellular intelligence.So they used mycelium and created a model that replicated the japanese train system. Basically it was the whole road map of tokyo. They set oats at different link nodes and as the mycelium started growing, it fed on the oat. After some time, the mycelium reorganized itself in the most ideal way possible and the japanese replicated this and reorganized the japanese train system in a more effective way than it actually was.


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