The Laws of Success by Celebrity Psychologist Randy Gage

1. The Law of Emptiness 

In order to buy new shoes, you need money. But believe me, as soon as you throw out your old shoes, you'll immediately buy new ones, and you'll have the money and the time. You need new clothes - go through your closet. Break up your stereotypes willingly. 


2. The Law of Circulation 

Always be willing to give up what you own in order to get what you desire. Then everything will work out.


3. The Law of Imagination 

Initially, see your prosperity in your imagination. Create your description of your most ideal day and don't show it to anyone. Periodically re-read it.


4. The Law of Creativity 

Prosperity can be achieved by one's energy, imagination, and intuition.


5. The Law of Reciprocation and Receiving 

When you receive a gift, make sure you share it with others. If you have a gift and do not use it, you offend your Divine essence. When you share the gifts of destiny, you attract even more good to yourself.


6. The Law of Tithing 

Our universe is always tithing to itself. This is the law of gratitude. Your tithe is sure to return to you. It can be money, a new friend, or love-anything that brings you happiness.


7. The Law of Forgiveness 

Failure to forgive people leads to an inability to accept your wealth. When your soul is overflowing with hatred, there is no room for love. Avoid negative emotions, don't let them eat you up from the inside and empty your heart.


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