The little things that ruin marriages

Divorces happen every day, and in principle, not many couples live happily ever after. Often marriages collapse. 


The first is when we do not express our dissatisfaction with the little things. For example, we are annoyed that a person puts dishes not next to the sink, but right in it. It can be any little thing. And we are annoyed by it. As a rule, most people will remain silent, but that's a mistake.


When we are silent, we accumulate it in ourselves. And these little things can be repeated several times a day. A drop sharpens a stone. We tolerate it, then we explode, and it seems inadequate. It can create unpleasant consequences. In such a state we can do stupid things, we're emotional. That's why it's better to talk about these little things right away, to talk it through.


The second. Misunderstanding of the situation. Let me explain. For example, a man wants to make money on the hobby, he makes clay crafts. The wife is supportive, she thinks that this is the right thing to do. We come to a point where there is almost nothing to eat, because the man brings almost no money into the house.


He doesn't see anything wrong with that. The wife probably doesn't either. But he wants to eat. Neither of them sees that this is a bad situation. There will be quarrels about money. The child needs to get ready for school, and there is no money. Tensions will grow, and this can easily lead to divorce. Although initially it seemed that everything is fine, that it is a trifle. In fact, you need to look at the whole situation, understand it.


Also, the environment can ruin a marriage. A small thing is advice from a girlfriend, from a friend, from her mother, and so on. For example, the wife listens to negative things from her friend every day. That the man is bad, you will find a better one, I do not like him. It seems like a small thing.


But you have no idea how much influence on us someone else's opinion. Especially if it is a person close to you, and especially if it happens on a regular basis. So if you are told negative things about your significant other, stop this dialogue. Otherwise, your head will slowly be planted destructive thoughts.


Even if you are confident in yourself. Are you confident in your significant other? Maybe he / she every day my mother drops on his / her brain? I don't think that's the kind of thing you can ignore.


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