The living word of God: Lord Jesus Christ


Christianity isn't a topic that needs much introduction, as you might know "Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ the very son of God, made into flesh by the power of the holy spirit, born of the holy virgin Mary. Yes, Jesus was given birth to immaculately. 


After the death of Jesus Christ through the power of the holy Spirit the disciples who were with him ministered to all the people (including the Jews and the gentiles) for that was the main reason God the Father sent his only son to die for the sake of mankind. In this truth we as sinners have joy and hope in the second coming of Jesus Christ.

How to gain the saving grace of God and be accepted as one of the heirs to the kingdom of God.

God's grace is ever sufficient. In order to become a true Christian we need to do these few things:

1) firstly accept Jesus as your Lord and savior and believed that God raised him from the dead.

2) Baptize in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

3) Love your number as you love yourself (The Golden rule)

Living God and doing His will takes time and discipline God can touch the heart of anyone whom He chooses .


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