The Lost Girl

Jennifer a young maiden was in hurry of going to the field to pluck daffodils.

She was late and had to return before dark because she suffered from night blindness.

She quickly grabbed the leather coat and rushed to the field with her basket. 

After reaching the field she quickly started plucking the daffodils without noticing that are they fresh or faded ones. 

She plucked around a hundred of daffodils and was about to return home.

But suddenly she saw a puppy who had accidentally stuck his leg in the fence of the field and was crying in pain.

Little Jennifer couldn't watch this and quickly ran towards the little dog and tried to help him.

She was constantly reminded of the thought of going home before dark.

The puppy cried in pain and Jennifer couldn't bear that sight and just forgot about her illness.

An hour passed and she was not able to help the puppy because it felt that Jennifer will harm him more.

But somehow the little girl removed his stuck leg from the fence but unfortunately, it had already started becoming dark.

She quickly ran towards her house but before she reached it was already dark all over and she could barely see.

Touching the walls she sat on a bench crying. 

Suddenly the little dog bit her frock and pulled her towards the direction of her house.

Jennifer's handicapped mother was sitting near the door waiting for her, she saw the dog pulling Jennifer and shouted her name.

Jennifer understood that she had reached her house. She bent down on her knees and touched the puppy.

As soon as she touched the puppy glitters shinned and a fairy appeared.

It was the daffodil fairy who was cursed to be a puppy and will be rescued only by a true helping hand.

The fairy saw Jennifer and redeemed her from her sicknesses of night blindness.

This is how Karma works.

Chinmayee Bhat - Aug 17, 2021, 12:01 PM - Add Reply

Really good explained...

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Chethana Bhat - Aug 17, 2021, 4:46 PM - Add Reply

Nice...It is beautiful

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Nagesh Bhat - Aug 17, 2021, 4:49 PM - Add Reply


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