The lowest man in the world

The Filipino Junry Balaing was the shortest man in the world. His height was 59.93 cm. The previous record holder was 7 centimeters taller. Junry has health problems and is practically unable to move around on his own.
Doctors are unable to pinpoint the reasons that halted Balauing's development, as a result of which he not only stopped growing, but also acquired speech impediments. Naturally, no education for their eldest son was thought of by his parents.
This smiling eighteen-year-old boy has already attracted the attention of the world community, whose representatives promise the necessary medical and any other assistance.
Today, according to official statements, the smallest man on the planet lives in Nepal and has a height of 54.6 cm. The age of Chandra Bahadur Dangi - 72 years - is also noteworthy. He regrets that he was never able to get married, but is happy that his world fame will allow him to undergo medical examinations and travel to unknown countries.
Also like his Filipino predecessor in the Guinness Book of World Records, Chandra was born into a large family. He has been making Nepali national clothing for many years. He doesn't feel very comfortable in the world of big people, but he tries to remain optimistic. Of all the midgets known to mankind, Dangi could only be compared to the Indian Guy Mohammed, who died at forty from tobacco abuse. He was only more than two centimeters tall.

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