The main rumors about GTA VI

1.The events of the game will unfold in Weiss City. It is not the biggest map in the series, but the city will be up-to-date and the future add-ons will increase the freedom of action.


2.Just like in GTA V, there will be several protagonists in the game, and one of them will be the woman, that is the first time for the series. The special feature of the protagonist will be hacking and cracking.


3.The game is in its early stages of development, and we should not expect its release before 2024. The main reasons are the profitability of GTA 5 for the developer Rockstar.


4.Cryptocurrency will play a role in the game, but there is almost no information about it. GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is a popular video game series with action set in the United States, in the fictional cities of Liberty City and Weiss City.

The game series has extensive open worlds, where the player can follow the story through missions and find interesting places and quests on their own.


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