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It is believed that manty came to us from China, stopping by on the way to almost every place in the world. The peoples of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Crimea, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Korea and some other countries associated with Asian cuisine call manti the national dish.

Manti: the main thing


Dough. The classic dough for manty is unleavened wheat-free with water, but it is also made with milk, vegetable oil, eggs and even yeast. A properly made and skillfully made dough is very thin and the filling shows through. Make sure you let the dough rest for 15 minutes and cover it with a cloth before shaping it. Then they are rolled out, stuffed and shaped in different ways.

Stuffing. They vary from mutton to potatoes, from camel to mushrooms and from shrimp to fruit. By and large, you can wrap anything you like in the dough, however, there are a number of recipes that are more or less often used in the preparation of this dish.


First of all, it is meat (lamb with sheep fat, beef, pork) with onions, a mix of meat and sheep fat and vegetables (pumpkin, potatoes), lean manti (pumpkin, fruit, mushrooms).


To create mincemeat they never use kitchen equipment, only knife: meat is minced with knife in small cubes half a centimeter each. The same applies to vegetable components.  Before stuffing the manty, the minced meat must be chilled.


Shaping. The main thing in shaping is to make manty so that the juice does not leak out, but stays inside, so the classic manty is always tight, unlike the lazy ones, where holes are allowed. Manti are shaped in cups, envelopes like samosas and khinkali, small dumplings, rosettes, etc.


Cooking. Unlike dumplings, khinkali and other cousins, manti are steamed, and what you choose to do is completely irrelevant. It can be a classic double pot with water boiling in the lower part and steam rising in the upper part, where the manty is placed in layers (mantoushener, mantovar, mantyshnika, mantnitsa). Or an electric steamer, a multicooker, which has a tray for steaming. In some national recipes, the manty is first fried in vegetable oil until golden brown, and only then transferred to the mantovar.


Serving. Traditionally, manty is eaten by hand, carefully biting off the edge and drinking the broth, so manty must be very juicy. Generally speaking, a piece of butter is more than enough, but a sauce - yogurt, tomato, garlic, sour cream - can be 


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