The missing bracelet and the torn picture


Whenever a writer writes, the goal is to convey the message to the thinker. I want to be familiar with life, no matter how difficult it is Renewal is a source of great confidence and hope for the future. An optimistic outlook on life is the last beginning of your success

    Once upon a time, a few centuries ago, in a small village with a population of twenty houses, one of the houses was the house of Mrs. Fatima, whose husband had died Her son had been martyred in the war and she lived with her martyred son's family. The son had five sons and two daughters. Her life and story impressed me So I want to tell you that Grandma Fatima was weaving carpets from day to night with her son's wife and daughters who earned their living from carpet weaving. They had some sheep and cattle. Grandma Fatima's sons were not educated In the morning, the shepherds of Chiavan, Zamand and Zhewar went to the market to sell the carpets that their grandmother was weaving It was as if my grandmother had picked us up on the beach in an imaginary ship and taken us on a journey around the world It was a little one that my grandmother had put in the top cupboard. Whenever she looked at the box or we asked her about it, she would be silent. Tears would fall from her eyes I didn't ask him not to remember the past. After Dadyar finished his studies in the mosque room, he told his parents: I want to go to the city. There is a competition for those who studied in the mosque room I said, "Let me ask my mother and grandmother what they think I don't know what you think. My grandmother told me to do what you thought was right. You are old enough to make your own decisions. My mother told me: What you see in yourself that you are able to participate, you will win by God's grace. The judge said: If you agree, I will leave in the morning. When we were sitting at night, my grandmother called me and said, "Come on, my son. Although you are now an understanding person, I want to give you some advice based on my life experience My son, never forget the person who did you good only once. You don't know where you are going. So if someone does something wrong to you, don't judge him as a bad person Trust that person once The judge said: Thank you, grandmother, but I have a question for you. Don't worry. My grandmother said: Tell me, my son. I said: Grandmother, what is in this box? My grandmother said, "Why are you asking this question, my son. I said: I really want to know what this box contains since I was a child. My grandmother said: Please get up and bring me the box But there was nothing but a bracelet and a torn picture. I thought my grandfather might have bought him this bracelet with this picture because my grandfather was transporting goods to countries. I didn't think about it that night. I told myself to sleep in the morning. The road was long. Finally morning came. I got ready. My mother prepared breakfast. My sisters Glena and Honya had gone to fetch water from the river and my grandmother was praying. My mother woke up my three other brothers. They were going to the shop to sell carpets. My mother gave me some money and said, “My son, you will need it. After dinner I said goodbye to them and kissed my grandmother and mother's hands. In the cart I looked at the countryside. The beauty of the countryside had always amazed me. The sun, rising like a goose, removed the stars of the night and lifted the black carpet. The soft morning breeze danced with the leaves It was my first time away from my village so I was very excited. I thought I would see the beauty of my village again. I thought I was the one who migrates in autumn and returns in spring I rode another horse and carriage from all three of my brothers We left and we arrived in the city at night. It was dark and I didn't know anyone to stay at someone's house. I went and found a mosque. I went inside and saw a boy sleeping there I didn't want to wake him up. I prayed the evening prayer and then leaned against the wall and fell asleep An old man put his hand on my shoulder and said: Go and wash your hands so that we can pray the morning prayer together made me He said: My son, why did you fall asleep here yesterday? I said: Actually, I am a traveler who came to this city. I heard that there is a competition in this city. The teacher said: I will write the names of those who will participate in this competition He told me: My son, the market is near here and you can buy anything you want. He told me to stay there until the competition. I thanked him very much I saw him sitting in front of the mosque door looking at the cake shop opposite the mosque. I went into the cake shop and bought two cakes. I came back and sat next to the young boy At first I wanted to give him the cake but he wouldn't accept it. Then I forced him to accept it. I asked him: What is your name? He said: Our house is in this city and my father married another woman. He says Zana should not live in this house. I cannot do hard work because my left hand does not work. Zana said: What is your name? And what are you doing here? My name is Judge and I am here for the competition. Zana said: They say that anyone who wins this competition will become the Sultan's advisor. The Sultan has removed your other advisor but the reason is unknown It started at nine and we had to answer all the questions within two hours, it ended at eleven The next week the results were announced. I was very excited about the results. I don't know how the week went. At the end of the results announcement day, I was very confused and very scared One hundred people participated in the competition. Zana was next to me. She was happier than me, but I don't know how to describe that feeling How nice it is to get that rank after a lot of hard work and effort. Because of him, I got that rank. I received a lot of money. This was the prize We happened to enter the palace how beautiful and amazing it was just like the stories my grandmother told us. They took me to a room and said you wait here. I was sitting when the Sultan came in I stood up and greeted him and said: You are a young boy with a better brain. You will be trained for two years. After those two years you will officially become my advisor I also learned martial arts such as fencing, archery, etc At first the Sultan was a tough person, but then we worked a lot together. The Sultan was very pleased with me. I really missed my grandmother, mother and brothers and sisters, so I asked the Sultan to let me go. One day before I left, the Sultan invited me to his room to discuss economic improvements. It was the first time I had seen his private room. When I entered his room, I saw a picture hanging I saw it, but I couldn't remember it. I stood up. The Sultan told me to sit down. We discussed the matter for a while I told him: Asian. If I ask a question, the Sultan said: Come on, sir, what is the story of that picture? He said: Judge, the story of that picture is long This is my older brother. The one on the left is me in my mother's arms. The one next to my mother is my father.When I was young, my mother died. I told him, “O Sultan, he stopped for a while and didn't say anything about your brothers and sisters He had ridden horses and even taught himself archery. He pointed to his mother's bracelet  He said: My father kept the bracelet to give to my sister when she grew up. When my sister was sixteen years old, my father gave her the bracelet I asked, sir: Who is the prince of the palace?He said: That was my sister's nickname. I said: Sir, what happened to the other picture, the bracelet, your sister and brother? They were visiting my uncle's house where they lived in another city. Before they left, my sister kissed me and smiled at me.  The queen, my wife, had planned to attack them as soon as they reached the forest. They had killed all the soldiers and servants. They brought my brother's body There were plans. They were all executed on my father's orders. After these events, my father fell ill and died after two years of struggle with his illness Better than getting lost Because death is a fact that you have completely lost that person, but loss does not know whether you have lost that person or not I said: I found the lord. He said: What did you find? I said: The lost bracelet and your sister. He said: What is it? how ? He said: Now go and bring your grandmother and your whole family here. The Sultan sent several chariots and soldiers with me. I don't know how we finished the long journey The gangsters attacked the carriage. My grandmother ran away and was wounded in her hands and legs. She lost consciousness. They picked her up. They told her that she had lost the picture. That day we went to the palace. When we arrived at the palace, my grandmother said: You still smell the old days. My grandmother saw her brother, who was the Sultan of the state Our lives ended like the stories my grandmother used to tell us: Everyone lived happily ever after. Now we are living in a real imagination   What you lose today you will find tomorrow so don't give up in your life. There is a time when you strive for your achievements with a lot of confidence. This is the real way to achieve success


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