The most embarrassing things in the gym

 Позор спортзала


For me, athletic tights are the most comfortable clothes in the gym: nothing gets snagged, nothing drips - sweat on the stepper and the bonus of slimness. Anyway, my "for the gym" shelf is full of tights. And it would be silly to deprive guys of this handy item. But you shouldn't wear them only paired with a top, as girls do.
 In fact, tights are tights that start at the ankle. Imagine a man wearing tights: either a miss or a ballerina. Mockingbirds with dumbbells don't fit into this associative line. A woman's butt, tightly wrapped in fabric, is still decent and sometimes beautiful. A man's genitals are always not.

  Mesh T-shirt.
 Where and why do you still find stuff like this? The world is making some pretty good progress. For example, iPhones were invented a long time ago, unmanned cars a little later, and ventilation in fitness clubs has been working steadily for many years, so it's never superfluous. Feel free to come to the gym in full clothes.

 T-shirts with big necklines.

Another piece of clothing that is highly respected by jocks.  Some people think that the more body they show, the cooler and more brutal they look in the gym. Guys, no. Alfachis, who instead of a normal T-shirt is a puffy T-shirt and cleavage up to the navel is just ridiculous. To me, a T-shirt like that can only cover up heterosexuality.


Not the worst clothing fiasco, but still a polo for the gym - not so much. You can't comfortably do push-ups or work out on the elliptical trainer in it. The fabric is too thick, which means it will be hot after just a couple of minutes of exercise. Narrow sleeves will interfere with movement or just crack. Unless you're a fanatic of golf, polo or anything else aristocratic, don't wear these collared shirts to workouts.

 Baseball cap
 Usually metrosexual tough guys aren't afraid to work out in these things. Perhaps they skipped kindergarten, where everyone was taught that indoor headgear goes to hell. Another possibility: they have a special cervical vertebrae structure, and a baseball cap with the visor back (otherwise not fashionable to wear to the gym) is comfortable doing bench presses. If the problem is more delicate and the cap is used by these bashful brutals to disguise their baldness, then I might suggest cosplaying old man Dorn and stop being embarrassed. The lake between the ears is no more embarrassing than the idiotic cap.

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