The most expensive bicycle: Fahrradi Farfall FFX

The maximum speed of this "car" is 15 km/h and this figure naturally cannot be considered impressive for a solid car. But the merits of Fahrradi Farfall FFX are not in the unsurpassed speed or driving qualities. A stylish aerodynamic car body, the characteristic red color of the body and some other design features are easily recognizable, because this $1 million car is very similar to the Ferrari FXX, or as the authors from the concern Ferrari positioning - the car of the future. The fact that under the hood of this car is not a powerful engine of V12 series, but only a pedal drive, designed on the muscular power of human legs, just goes into the background.
The Fahrradi Farfall FFX is considered to be the most expensive bicycle in the world, which is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Its cost is even higher than that of a real Ferrari and is $1.2 million. Design of the model completely repeats the features of Ferrari FXX - a streamlined body design, and low profile, and characteristic doors, reminiscent of a seagull's wing. However, in order to develop at least some decent speed, the driver will have to make maximum effort and twist the pedals, using 11 gears. This is the case, when the external form clearly does not correspond to the internal content.
The author of the unique model is Richard Hammond, who has repeatedly participated in the famous program about the world of supercars - Top Gear.
The name of the bicycle comes from the German Fahrrad, which means bicycle and Italian Farfall means butterfly. The butterfly, according to the author, symbolizes the ability of the vehicle to take off at high speed from the freeway, using the wings of a seagull. This statement is clearly not indisputable.
The weight of the model is 100 kg. In the construction of the body was used a lightweight plastic and the chassis is made of steel. To illuminate the track at night, 200-watt LED lights are provided.
Fahrradi Farfall FFX was honored to be presented at the car exhibition held in the Art Museum of Linz.
The unique bicycle has received a lot of feedback. For example, art professor Andrea Van Der Straten said, "Fahrradi Farfall FFX is able to move silently and with the elegance of a weightless butterfly. But if you imagine a poor driver trying his last to accelerate this "super velocar", associations with a butterfly seem irrelevant.


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