The most expensive cheese in the world: Poulet

1,000 euros per kilogram (about $1,366) - according to Wikipedia, this is the price of the most expensive cheese in the world called Pule. The high price of the product is due to the uniqueness of its production.
For making 1 kg of Pule it is necessary to use 25 liters of milk of donkeys of Balkan breed. The milk must be fresh. As an animal gives on the average 200 ml of milk per day, the cost of raw material is about 40 euros per liter.
Pule has a white color and crumbly consistency. The treat made from donkeys' milk is similar to the Spanish sheep cheese Manchego, which is known for its spicy-salty flavor, but experts estimate the taste of the poulet to be brighter and richer.
This delicacy is made only in one place - at Zasavica farm, which is located in the reserve of the same name west of Belgarad in Serbia. It also produces bottled donkey milk, believed to be one of Cleopatra's beauty secrets. The legendary Egyptian queen bathed daily in it.
Other expensive cheeses are Moose Cheese, made from the milk of a Swedish moose ($950 per kilo), and Caciocavallo Podolico, made from the milk of a rare Italian Podolico cow breed.


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