The most expensive chocolate

In Mumbai, India, they created the most expensive chocolate in the world. The sweet has already made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. It was reported on the official page of the confectionery company in Instagram.

For a kilogram of truffle candy will have to pay 6,221 dollars. The previous record belonged to a Danish chocolatier and was $5,700 per kilogram.
According to the idea of pastry chef Philippe Contisini, who created the most expensive candy, the three candies in the set denote the cycle of human life: birth, upbringing and destruction.

The price of the candy is high because of the rare ingredients - Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, Tahitian vanilla cacao beans, Belgian white chocolate and Piedmont hazelnuts.
In addition, the candies will come out in limited edition in handmade wooden boxes. Each box will contain 15 truffles weighing about 15 gr. The cost of such a box of chocolates will be around 1400 dollars.

Earlier we wrote about the most expensive chocolate produced in series - Chocopologie by Knipschildt.


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