The most expensive cognac: Henri IV Dudognon

Cognac is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. Its history dates back to France, where the inhabitants of the town of the same name began to make a strong drink using grapes. Yes, yes, real cognac is made exactly on the basis of grapes and ideally should have an aroma, acquired after aging in oak barrels. Thus, most of the drinks you can buy in ordinary stores are not cognac, but brandy.
Everyone knows that a good cognac is quite expensive. But do you know which drink is the most expensive in the world? If not, then be sure to read the information below, which will be interesting not only to connoisseurs of cognac, but also to all inquisitive people.
So, the most expensive cognac in the world is called - King Henry IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne. As many have already guessed, the drink was named after one of the French rulers. King Henry the Fourth was very much loved by the people, so when in 1776 it was decided to open a new production of cognac, the variety was named after him.
So how did this cognac become the most expensive in the world? It all happened in 2009, when at one of the auctions held in Dubai, a bottle of this cognac was bought for 2 million dollars. The secret of the enormous price lies in the unique container - a decanter made of platinum and 24-carat gold. The decanter weighs about 4 kilograms and is decorated with 6.5 thousand precious stones, most of which are diamonds. The production of the tank was engaged by Jose Davalos, the most talented and famous jeweler in the history of France.
If we talk directly about cognac, there are exclusive cognac spirits of a century of aging. The barrels in which the drink was aged for 5 years, dried in the open air, so they acquired properties to make cognac a true work of art. Who knows, maybe in the future another auction will be organized and the price of an already expensive bottle will be even higher.


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