The most expensive fishing rod

True fishing enthusiasts are willing to spend quite a lot of time and money on their hobby. For example, there are people who gather with friends and go to the lake at any free minute. They have no problem giving away several tens of thousands of rubles for fishing tackle, preferring products from well-established brands.
But even the best spinning rod, which can be found in a theme store, does not compare in value to a rod made by Chanel. Yes, yes, don't be surprised, this is not the first time this company has tried itself in previously unexplored industries. For example, in its time, Chanel introduced snowboarding and alpine skis of its own production. The latter, incidentally, was skied by Victoria Beckham herself, who provided the already popular company with additional advertising.
The last exclusive Chanel sports goods were a bicycle and a stylish tennis racket, offered for purchase with a set of balls. Now the French have taken a swing at the fishing rod. Karl Lagerfeld, notorious in the fashion world, had a hand in its designing, the cost of the ready product was equal to 20 thousand American dollars.
The rod design literally shouts that before us is an expensive thing - such a toy for fathers of wealthy families. There is also the famous logo, allowing you to remember exactly where you spent your money. It is impossible not to mention the delivery set, which includes a leather case. That way, even when the rod is hidden from the eyes of others, it continues to look insanely stylish.
It is interesting that the founder of the Chanel brand, Coco Chanel, was once an avid fisherman. She was drawn to this hobby during her affair with the Duke of Westminster. But even after the lovers separated, Coco did not lose her passion for fishing. So, in the personal archive of the great fashion designer you can find a lot of pictures, in which she is captured on the lake, with a fishing rod in his hands. Perhaps the novelty of Chanel is a kind of sign of respect for the woman, without whom the company would have never existed at all.


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