The most expensive fur coat

The designer Karl Lagerfeld is known to everyone who follows the world of haute couture even a little bit. This man has for many years managed the houses of Chanel and Fendi, and is the author of a huge number of chic outfits, many of which can be seen in the closet of celebrities. But recently, he has surpassed himself and presented the world the most expensive fur coat ever created.
How much do you think it costs? Most likely, even the most courageous assumptions will be wrong, because the unique article of clothing is estimated at one million euros. During its manufacture was used more than three dozen sable skins, and thanks to the fact that the fur was subjected to special treatment, it seems as if the coat is lit by a dim moonlight.
Lagerfeld is known for his frequent use of fur in the process of creating his outfits. Because of this, he has repeatedly had conflicts with public organizations that aim to protect nature. However, the designer has repeatedly said that he does not see anything wrong with the use of animal fur, because people have been wearing skins for centuries.
And the new coat by Karl Lagerfeld caused a wide public response. For example, PETA activists have already dubbed it "high horror" (an allegory for the popular expression "high fashion").
"The owners of Fendi should be ashamed that they allowed Karl Lagerfeld to work for them and create outfits whose main component is the corpses of innocent animals. We live in the age of innovative technology, so when you design new clothes without blood, that's what you should strive for," PETA said.
The designer has not yet responded in any way to another attack. In addition, no one has yet decided to buy a unique coat, which quickly gained notoriety. It remains to be seen, we will probably hear more than once about the world's most expensive fur outfit.


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