The most expensive home theater: Kipnis Studio Standard

Are you ready to shell out $6 million for a home theater? But music producer Jeremy Kipnis has such a "toy", as you can see by visiting the official website of the owner
The record for the cost of a home theater called Kipnis Studio Standard was officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records back in 2008, but so far it remains a unique achievement. Kipnis' profession forces him to treat the quality of the "picture" and sound when watching movies with high demands. And surely Jeremy's financial capabilities allow him to make such a purchase without threatening the family budget. At the same time when equipping a home theater, the emphasis was still on sound quality.
So, the picture on the screen appears thanks to a Sony SRX-S110 projector with a resolution of 4096 by 2160 pixels and Stewart Snowmatte 1.0 Gain Laboratory-Grade Motion Picture screen. The image size is 3.3 x 6 meters. The list of other equipment sounds equally solid - Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray Player, Toshiba HD-XA1 HD DVD Player with SATA Drive (72 HDTV Hours Total). Players - Mark Levinson N° 51 DVD/CD Media Player, HLD-X0 Hi-Vision HDTV MUSE Laserdisc Player,VC HMDH-5U D-VHS recorder.
The list of sound elements, not to mention the sound quality, looks extremely powerful: 16 pieces of Snell 1800 THX Music and Cinema Reference Subwoofers to them, 8 pieces of Snell THX Music and Cinema Reference Towers, 10 pieces of MuRata ES103A Super Tweeters, and "only" 3 pieces of Snell THX Music & Cinema Reference LCR-2800 Center-Channel Speakers.
Besides watching movies and videos, PlayStation 3 is connected to the system, which can be used to play modern games between sessions. All this "pleasure" costs 6 million dollars.


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