The most expensive lip jewelry: Rosendorff Diamonds

The luxurious lips, worth $757,975 Australian dollars, earned the jewelry giant Rosendorff Diamonds the glamorous title of Guinness Book of World Records: "Most Expensive Lip Jewelry.
The record was set in Perth, Australia, at a 50th anniversary event. Rosendorff is an Australian diamond jewelry company that was founded in 1963 by Craig Rosendorff. The company's website:
"At Rosendorff Diamonds we are proud of our accomplishments and now holding a Guinness Book of World Records title," said Charlie Octavia, the company's model.
The most expensive lips in the world were created by makeup artist Claire Mac, who spent two and a half hours painstakingly laying all the diamonds on the model's lips.
Claire first applied a layer of matte black lipstick and then attached each diamond to the lips with lash glue. The 126 diamonds were selected from Rosendorf's collection and had a total carat weight of 22.92 carats.
Securing the event and protecting the high-value diamonds (total value 757,975 Australian dollars / 418,106 pounds sterling / 467,361 euros / 540,858 US dollars) was the first priority, so police officers were on site ready to foil any attempted robbery. After displaying the diamonds on her lips, model Charlie Octavia was taken to the vault, where each diamond was carefully removed by founder Craig Rosendorf himself.
According to Rosendorf, the task of creating the most expensive lip jewelry was quite a challenge: "Endless hours of research, design, planning, testing - that's what made us eligible for the record. Creating the jewelry was a rather non-trivial task, but that's what makes the Guinness Book of World Records such a prestigious achievement. We are incredibly proud to be record holders. Thank you Guinness World Records for this incredible opportunity!"


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