The most expensive pizza in the world: Louis XIII Remy Martin

The most expensive pizza in the world costs €8,300 and is called Louis XIII Remy Martin. Italian chef Renato Viola developed this seafood dish for real gourmets, who are willing to shell out a fortune for a pizza 20 cm in diameter.
Louis XIII is topped with lobster, lobster and sturgeon caviar. The chef chooses special caviar from sturgeons and belugas that live in the southern Caspian Sea near the coast of Iran. These sturgeons can grow to two meters in length and weigh up to 200 kg. The eggs of the fish are large, brown, up to 2 mm in size, they taste sweet and have a unique nutty flavor. Beluga caviar is even larger, up to 3 mm in diameter. It has a soft, creamy taste, and the color can vary from pearly to dark gray. The beluga is also called the Danube sturgeon. No more than 100 specimens of this fish are caught in the Caspian Sea per year.
As a seasoning for Louis XIII pizza, Australian Murray River pink salt, mined in the Murray River Valley, is used. The minerals calcium and magnesium give this salt its pink or red hue, similar to the color of a ripe apricot. The base of the pizza is made of yeast dough, which takes 72 hours to cook. Complementing the dish is mozzarella buffalo cheese made from black buffalo milk.
Piquancy pizza gives cognac Louis XIII, it was thanks to him the dish got its name. The full name of the drink is Remy Martin Louis XIII Grande Champagne. This cognac has been produced since 1715 and is considered one of the most titled. It is made only from one grape variety, Grande Champagne, and the period of aging is more than a hundred years. During its stay in the barrels in a special cellar, Remy Martin Louis XIII acquires a golden red color. For sale the cognac is poured into crystal bottles, which are made by Baccarat.
The author of this culinary masterpiece claims that from Louis XIII pizza no one will get fat, as the ingredients contain no fats. Dieticians confirm the chef's words and say that people who eat Louis XIII regularly, quickly get rid of insomnia, they improve their general health and even increase their potency. The pizza is made in small sizes, among other things, so that it would be enough for a romantic dinner for two.


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