The most expensive sandwich: the Von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich

$197 is the most expensive sandwich in the world. The Guinness Book of World Records has included the von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich, which is served at the Canadian hotel chain von Essen. The creator of the unusual sandwich was chef James Parkinson.
The high price of the club sandwich is due to the high cost of the ingredients. The triple-decker sandwich is made up of dried-to-maturity Italian tomatoes, quail eggs, tender chicken meat, pork ham that takes 30 months to cook, and white truffles. The last component is the most expensive. It takes almost 25 pounds (about $50) worth of white truffle shavings for each "Platinum Club Sandwich Von Essen."
Another secret of the club sandwich is in the recipe for the bread - it's made in the old French tradition. The sourdough for the bread ferments for 24 hours.Only the middle of the loaf is used for the sandwich, and all the crusts are discarded.
- The Von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich is made with the best ingredients and its taste is simply magical," is how chef James Parkinson says of his creation.
The chef doesn't reveal all of his secrets. What is known is that he adds seasonal salads to his sandwich.
The weight of the chef's masterpiece is 530 grams. The sandwich is not suitable for a diet diet meal - there are 1182 calories in each serving, but gourmands appreciate it for its extraordinary taste.
- I was surprised by its size! You have to hold it with two hands to eat it," said one of the diners at the hotel Von Essen. "I started to bite into the edges of the sandwich in order to enjoy the taste. This dish combines the sweetness of tomatoes, the lightness of quail eggs, the tartness of truffles, the delicate taste of chicken and the poise of Iberian ham.
The club sandwiches have not yet become popular, perhaps gourmands are stopped by the exorbitant price. To date, only seven servings of this elite food have been ordered by customers throughout the restaurant chain.


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