The most expensive women's hairstyle

Brilliant and insanely expensive - the most expensive hairstyle for women cost $ 500 million. The masterpiece titled "Hair and Jewelry" was created on October 9, 2013 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary in the career of jeweler Laurence Graff (Laurence Graff).
The presentation of the hair was held in London. German model Dalia Gunter had her hair styled into fantasy rings, decorated with 22 pieces of jewelry with perfect-cut stones by the famous brand. The girl's head was adorned with real rarities, such as a large diamond by Graff Sweethearts. Another "highlight" were the stones, carved from a large diamond Letseng Star (550 carats before the cut).
The price of the most expensive image was added by other jewelry. The masterpiece includes: earrings with heart-shaped stones, a unique necklace with pendants-drops and two rings with transparent and yellow diamonds.
In Dalia Gunther's hair, there was also a diamond ring with emerald-cut diamonds, in which the main stone weighed 52.73 carats, a ring with a rare pink diamond, a pendant with a blue, crystal-clear diamond, and a butterfly brooch.
Incidentally, the 2013 record is just a remake of an earlier hairstyle. In 1970, the founder of the jewelry brand Graff Diamonds created the first Hair and Jewel hairstyle for the company's tenth anniversary at a cost of $1,000. The Guinness Book of World Records price increase was not only due to the increased amount of jewelry woven into the hair, but also due to inflation.
But even today's record did not ruin Lawrence Graf, for the jeweler's fortune is estimated at $4.3 billion. The diamonds woven into his hair have already given their investment - they made the company an advertisement.


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