The most famous cocktail called Long Island

House parties have become so fashionable among Europeans that they are held almost every week. Tasty food, pleasant company, a lot of music and, of course, a variety of colorful cocktails is enjoyed by absolutely everyone.


With a combination of all these factors, any party is guaranteed to be a success.

The fun of a house party depends directly on the number of friends. A themed event of two people a priori can not be incendiary. Take this unspoken rule on your arm. Do you want an unforgettable fun? Invite as many friends as possible. And be sure to provide the evening with original appetizers and interesting cocktails. And not to get lost in the huge range, for you a rating of the most popular alcoholic drinks for the party, as well as cocktails, which do not include alcohol. So, here we go:




The most famous cocktail called the Long Island was invented during the Prohibition era. Outwardly it looked a lot like an iced tea, so the drink is often referred to as the Long Island Ice Tea. It first appeared on Long Island, New York, from which it gets its name.


It is usually prepared in the following way:

15 ml of vodka,

15 ml of gin,

15 ml white rum,

15 ml of tequila,

15 ml of Triple Sec (orange liqueur),

15 ml of sugar syrup,


Lemon Slice,


All ingredients are mixed in a standard highball. Vodka, gin, rum, tequila, Triple Sec and sugar syrup can be measured with a jigger, then everything is mixed with Coke and ice. A lemon slice and some straws are used as decoration.


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