The most fashionable colors of spring 2022

Freshness of Green


Who would have doubted that the first main color of spring would be green, in all its manifestations. The shade of life, freshness, youth, epithets can be listed for a long time, but next season you should add it to your closet.


Fortunately, there are many variations of this color and any girl with her color type can choose a suitable option. Green dresses, suits and demi-seasonal outerwear were streaming off the catwalks time and time again, and fashion influencers are already showing us how to incorporate this color into your usual image.


Juicy Orange.


Orange madness is also predicted for the upcoming season. Along with green, orange also claims to be a must have shade in our closet.


You can sync it into total looks, choose it as an accent in a monochrome look, or just choose an orange dress and enjoy your playful-spring mood.


Be that as it may, this shade of red to be and you should already think in what images to apply it (or in general, whether you are ready for such orange experiments).


Wedding white.


That's how I wanted to call it, looking at the couture shows, in which this color appeared more than once.


The white total bow is the main stylish solution for spring 2022, if you're not ready for colorful madness in your outfits.


Personally, we like knit dresses and strict suits in this color scheme.


The color periwinkle.


Pantone warned that the main hue of this year will be purple or periwinkle, so you can not even be surprised that in the spring we'll think how and with what to combine it.


In general, the palette of purple is not the first season in the top, so we are already prepared for it.


We want to note that in purple are especially good accessories and shoes, so if you want to be in the trend, but do not risk to buy things in this color, we advise you to pay attention to shoes, bags or jewelry in the color of periwinkle.


Sweet Barbie shade.


Sweet, somewhat sugary in places, but truly a spring color, will make you look differently at your spring outfit.


The color is quite provocative, but if you think out in advance your images with its participation, you will definitely love it. The spring season won't be filled with pink dresses alone, but also knit suits and bold outerwear.




This shade will be a lifeline for those who are not yet ready to tie their closet with the ties of bright trendy colors. Designers took care of you too. 


The shade of melted butter reeks of warmth and tranquility, like the first spring days. This color, a priori, adds romanticism and femininity to any image, so be prepared that it can dilute even the most daring bow.


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