The Most Profitable Bitcoin Trading Strategy - 5 Simple Steps

Bitcoin is decentralized digital money that may be bought, sold, and exchanged without the use of a middleman such as a bank. Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin's developer, first described the necessity for "an electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof rather than faith."

Every Bitcoin transaction that has ever been made is recorded on a public ledger that is open to the public, making transactions difficult to reverse and spoof. That's on purpose: Because of its decentralized structure, Bitcoins are not backed by the government or any issuing institution, and their worth is only guaranteed by the proof encoded into the system.

Bitcoin is based on a blockchain, which is a distributed digital ledger. Blockchain is a linked body of data made up of units called blocks that contain information about each and every transaction, such as the date and time, total value, buyer and seller, and a unique identification code for each exchange, as the name implies. Entries are connected in chronological sequence, forming a digital blockchain.

Bitcoin is commonly used as an alternative investment in the United States, helping to diversify a portfolio away from stocks and bonds. Bitcoin can also be used to make purchases, but the number of merchants who accept it is still restricted.

You may buy and hold Bitcoin as an investment just like a stock. You can now do so in Bitcoin IRAs, which are specialized retirement funds. People's investment philosophies differ depending on where they keep their Bitcoin: Some investors buy for the long term, others buy with the intention of selling following a price surge, and yet others gamble on the stock's price falling. Bitcoin's price has fluctuated dramatically over time, reaching as low as $5,165 and as high as $28,990 in 2020 alone.

To get started trading bitcoin, you'll need to first create a bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin traders are constantly looking for the best ways to trade and invest in bitcoin. In this essay, we'll go through some of the more effective approaches. We've gleaned our bitcoin knowledge by trial and error, and we'll show you what's working right now. The tactics we teach are independent of bitcoin's price. They can be utilized regardless of whether bitcoin is rising or falling.

It's important to remember that you could lose money. Because bitcoin is still trading at the end of the day, your capital is at risk when you trade it. We always advise that you practice with virtual money before risking real money.

These bitcoin trading tactics can also be used to bitcoin cash and other cryptocurrencies. This can be used as a trading guide for any form of trading instrument. Blockchain technology is a huge step forward in terms of information access. Many businesses are beginning to develop Blockchain-based apps to benefit them. It's important to remember that exchanging digital currency can make it appear as if it's not a real currency.

It is, nonetheless, true. This isn't a pyramid scheme. Have a good plan in place before buying bitcoins, and don't underestimate the cryptocurrency markets.

The Most Profitable Bitcoin Trading Strategy - 5 Simple Steps

This is a cryptocurrency trading method that works with all of the major cryptocurrencies. This is more of an Ethereum trading approach than a Bitcoin trading strategy. Before we proceed, we must first define the enigmatic technical indication. For the finest Bitcoin trading strategy and how to utilise it, you'll need this:

One of the strongest indicators for day trading bitcoin is On Balance Volume (OBV). It is used to examine the overall money flow into and out of a financial instrument. The OVB makes use of both volume and pricing action. This indicates the total amount of money entering and exiting the market. Most trading platforms, such as Trading view and MT4, have the OBV indicator. The information from the OBV indicator can be read in a number of ways.

In principle, if Bitcoin is increasing in value while the OBV is decreasing, this indicates that individuals are selling into the rally. The upward trend would not be sustainable. If Bitcoin was trading down while the OBV was trading up, the result would be the same.

Step 1: Combine the Bitcoin and Ethereum charts, as well as the OVB indicator. There should be three windows in your chart. The first is for the Bitcoin chart, while the second is for the Ethereum chart. Finally, create a separate window for the OVB indication.

Step 2: Keep an eye out for smart money. The price difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum. What exactly do we mean when we say this? Simply put, we'll keep an eye on the price difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum. When one cryptocurrency fails to confirm the behavior of another cryptocurrency, this is known as smart money divergence.

We have smart money divergence if Ethereum price breaks over an important resistance or a swing high but Bitcoin fails to do so. One of the two cryptocurrencies is "lying" in this case. This is the primary rationale behind our bitcoin trading method. As well as the Ethereum trading method.

Step #3: Watch for an increase in the OVB in the direction of the trend. If Bitcoin's price is lagging behind Ethereum's, it suggests that Bitcoin will eventually catch up to Ethereum and break through the resistance.

But how do we know for sure? Simply put, the OBV is a fantastic technical metric. It can tell us whether real money is purchasing Bitcoin or selling it. When Bitcoin fails to break above a resistance level or a swing high, and Ethereum has already broken, we want to see the OBV increase in the trend's direction.

Step #4: Place a Buy Limit Order at the resistance level in the hopes of catching a breakout. All we have to do now is place a buy limit order once the OBV indicator gives us the green signal. In anticipation of a possible breakout, place the order at the resistance level.

It's no surprise that this deal has been triggered and that the Bitcoin price has risen above expectations. After all, we have stated that the OBV is a fantastic indication. For the finest Bitcoin trading strategy, all we have to do now is figure out where to put our protective stop loss and when to grab winnings.

Step #5: Set your stop loss underneath the breakout candle and exit when the OBV reaches 105,000. Trading with a stop loss below the breakthrough candle is a good idea. In our most recent post, Breakout Trading Strategy Used by Professional Traders, we go into the reasons for hiding your SL above/below the breakout candle.

When it comes to our take profit, an OBV reading of more than 105,000 usually implies at least a pause in the trend. This is the area where we aim to make money.

Options for Improving This Bitcoin Day Trading Strategy

Diversify your investments. Combining Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies can help lessen the daily risk of a single coin.

Reduce the amount of money you spend on trading. Every day, opening several positions has an impact on your daily ROI. Choose a reputable exchange with low fees to reduce the cost of trading.

Keep an eye on the trading times. Make a list of trade times that work with your schedule. Bitcoin is available for purchase 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's not like the NYSE, which operates from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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